How to Easily Remove Halloween Makeup

How to Easily Remove Halloween Makeup

One of the best parts of Halloween every year is dressing up from head to toe. Between elaborate costumes, colorful wigs and full-faces of makeup, this special day is about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing a new persona. But, when the night comes to a close, the last thing you even want to think about is winding down and taking off that makeup. We understand it may be quite the process, but as we shared in our “7 Common Face-Washing Mistakes” blog post, leaving your makeup on overnight can be harmful to your skin. So, whether you’re attending a Halloween party, or just having a fun evening at home, we know your skin is going to need a total refresh. Check out this routine that shows you how to remove Halloween makeup for a clean, fresh complexion.

Step 1: apply makeupmelt

Face paint, fake blood, glitter ... even your heaviest, thickest, hard-to-remove makeup is no match for makeupmelt cleansing balm. This makeup melter instantly dissolves all traces of makeup on the surface of your skin, as well as dirt, oils and other impurities. Just scoop a dime-sized amount of this oil-based cleanser onto dry skin, and then use your fingers to gently massage it in with circular motions. Watch the Halloween makeup melt away! When you’re done, rinse thoroughly with warm water, or wipe off with a damp washcloth. You’ll be amazed at not only how quickly makeupmelt works, but how hydrated and revitalized it makes your skin feel.

Step 2: follow up with cloudcleanse

After using makeupmelt as your Halloween makeup remover, it’s time for our cloudcleanse cloud-whipped foam cleanser. This step is important because after a night like Halloween your skin will desperately need a double cleanse. Our foam cleanser goes deep down below the skin’s surface to get rid of any excess makeup you might have missed during your first cleanse. But, don’t worry. cloudcleanse is gentle, so it won’t strip your skin of its moisture and natural oils. To use this water-based cleanser, start by dispensing 1-2 pumps of foam into your palm. Gently massage the foam onto your wet skin, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then, pat dry. It’s that simple. You can purchase both facial cleansers together with our double cleanse kit and cleanse mini duo kit.

Step 3: cleanse some more with powderporefect

This step is completely optional. But, if you want to go that extra mile with your Halloween makeup removal, exfoliate with our powderporefect powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser. We know that wearing heavy makeup for an extended period of time can cause havoc with your skin. Left on overnight, makeup can clog your pores and lead to breakouts, irritation and even premature aging. This step gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin to keep it clear, soft and smooth. Just combine 3-4 gentle shakes of powderporefect and water in one palm. Rub your hands together until a creamy foam is formed, and apply it onto wet skin. Let the product sit for one minute, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 4: continue with your regular skincare routine

After all that cleansing, you’ll want to show your skin some extra TLC. Halloween makeup can leave your skin dry, dull and tired, so we suggest following up with your usual skincare routine. These additional steps will help restore your complexion back to its healthiest state. 

We recommend using a toner, serum and moisturizer — in that order. These products replenish any lost moisture and minimize the appearance of redness and irritation that may occur during makeup removal. They’ll also rejuvenate your skin and balance your complexion for a healthy, dewy glow.

If the thought of removing your Halloween makeup scares you, have no fear, glowoasis is here to help! Our routine for the quick removal of Halloween makeup is exactly what your skin wants and needs when the night is over. With this regimen, and our glowoasis vegan probiotic skincare, you’ll see there’s no tricks involved. Only a routine that serves as a real treat for your skin.
We hope you had an eventful and exciting Halloween!
Watch Raychel remove her spook-tacular makeup look with the help of our glowoasis double cleanse kit.
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