How to Easily Remove Halloween Makeup

How to Easily Remove Halloween Makeup

Your skin is in for a treat! 

Whether you’re having a virtual Halloween party or you’re planning on dressing up at home, we know your skin is going to need a refresh. Have no fear, glowoasis is here to rescue your skin after the spooky events of Halloween! 

We go over the top for our Halloween makeup looks, and can only assume you do, too! This calls for a detailed, yet simple routine to follow at the end of the night. After all, you’ll want to get back to more important things, like your candy stash, of course. 

The following routine will take off everything from face paint to vampire blood. 

Step 1: Use makeupmelt to magically dissolve even the most extra looks.  

Use your fingertips to gently massage into skin with upward and outward circular motions, and watch the makeup melt away. 

Glow tip: Start with one eye at a time, carefully removing even the boldest eyeshadow and waterproof mascara.

Step 2: Follow the cleansing balm with cloudcleanse.

This cleanser is the perfect second step for your double cleansing routine, which is a must for a night like Halloween. It is gentle enough to not strip your skin but still takes off the rest of the makeup you might’ve missed. 

Glow tip: Don’t forget to tie up your hair and cleanse your hairline to avoid clogged pores and breakouts.

Step 3: *Optional* Use powderporeperfect to deeply cleanse your skin, and gently exfoliate. 

If you feel like you might break out because of all the heavy makeup you wore, then use our exfoliator to prevent those pesky pimples. This way, you are targeting your skin at a deeper level and the chances of a breakout are less. 

Glow tip: Pair powderporefect with our bubblemaker to transform it into a soft, fluffy foam for an even deeper, gentler cleanse. The bubblier the better, duh!


Step 4: Tone, tone, tone that skin with milkdew

Let's start the process of balancing and nourishing your skin now. milkdew is packed with skin-loving ingredients like apricot kernel oil, soybean extract and cica to heal, soothe and deeply hydrate the skin to bring skin back to it’s healthiest state.


 Step 5: Add an intense boost of hydration with glowshot.

After a long day of wearing makeup, your skin gets tired, so add a quick extra step to replenish it and treat it with care! glowshot is the perfect little “pick-me-up” to energize and revive your skin. 


Step 6: To lock in the moisture for the night, use glowburst

This moisturizer is stronger than it looks, and packs a punch. This intense hydrating moisturizer does not feel oily; instead, it feels light and bouncy! 


Step 7: Integrate these steps into your daily routine, and see how your skin will start to glow within a few weeks. 

We hope you had an eventful and exciting Halloween!
Watch the power of our double cleanse duo as it tackles Baylee's spooky Oogie Boogie look.
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