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about our formulas

effective skincare is about more than just the number & quality of ingredients. your skincare products should be able to fully absorb into the skin's barrier. if they can't fully absorb, you can't fully benefit. that’s why we created our own unique liposome system.

what’s that?
it’s a targeted delivery system for your skin—liposomes are microscopic-sized bubbles (aka molecules) that carry the vegan probiotics into deeper layers of the skin.

how does it work?
vegan probiotics & ingredients get carried through the outer skin layers to the deepest skin layer. once they arrive at the innermost layer, they release the vegan probiotics, vitamins & nutrients inside so they can get to work.

the result? deeper penetration & more effective absorption of ingredients for super healthy, glow-y skin!

about our napa cabbage

since the 15th century, napa cabbage has been popular for its many health benefits: like boosting the immune system, fighting inflammation, and it's a great source of calcium & vitamin c.

the best napa cabbages are grown at the top of korea’s highest mountains surrounded by the ocean—and that’s exactly where we get ours.