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Hi, we're glowoasis!

We’re a global skincare brand that actually cares about your skin, and it shows. With us, you’ll never find any superficial B.S. (beauty secrets, that is), empty promises, or mirages. Only skincare that supports your skin’s health from the inside out for a natural-born glow that lasts.

But, what makes us different from the rest? It’s simple: our signature vegan probiotics! Similar to how probiotics benefit gut health by replacing bad bacteria with the good, we knew that vegan probiotics would have this same positive effect on our skin. That’s when it all started with our secret ingredient: nutrient-rich napa cabbage from the highest mountains in Korea.

We fermented it in a lab, and saw that by using liposome technology, our skincare products were able to go deep into the skin’s innermost layers to deliver the nutrients and health benefits your skin craves. But, our vegan probiotics don’t stop there! They balance and strengthen your skin’s unique microbiome, too, while protecting it from stress, diet, hormones and even environmental stressors, such as pollution and UV rays.

Healthy skin glows deep.

So, what goes into this special vegan formula? Only clean, gentle, yet effective ingredients that are dermatologist-tested and safe for all. Here, we're proudly certified by PETA and registered with The Vegan Society. We also said goodbye (and see you never) to animal by-products that irritate the skin and harmful ingredients, like the 1640+ ones banned by the EU. Plus, another 460 questionable ingredients (and counting). Because healthy skin should be simple!

Whether you’re a skincare expert or just beginning your journey, we’ll help you find your glowoasis. Healthy, happy skin is on the horizon. Let’s get there together!

No nasties allowed!

meet our founders

“In 2012, we created a unique skincare company, Voesh, that prides itself on using 100% vegan, clean and effective ingredients. After modernizing classic spa experiences and enhancing at-home self-care routines, we knew we wanted to expand our vegan skincare to an everyday facial skincare line focusing on skin health.

We were first inspired at dinner one night after being served kimchi. This popular Korean side dish is made with napa cabbage and packed with probiotics from its fermentation process. With all of the well-known health benefits of probiotics, we took our time and effort to develop our own signature vegan probiotic skincare line — glowoasis!”

-Vera Oh & Joseph Choi

our certifications

we are committed to clean.

Our formulas are safe, effective, and enhanced with only good-for-skin ingredients. Our 100% vegan products are cruelty-free & do not contain animal by-products.

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always cool, never cruel.

We love our furry friends! we value animal safety and wellbeing, and our products and ingredients are never tested on animals.

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our ingredients

your skin needs greens, too

Napa cabbage, found in the popular dish kimchi, has been widely used for more than 4,000 years because of its health benefits. 

We climbed the highest oceanside mountains in Korea to source the best napa cabbage, known to be rich in antioxidants.

We then took it to the lab to develop our signature vegan probiotics using liposome technology.

Vegan probiotics promote skin immunity and boost its strength while protecting from environmental stressors.

powered by vegan probiotics

your skin’s perfect pear

Prickly pear extract sourced from Jeju Island in Korea (AKA, the island of nature & purity) contains a high concentration of multivitamins & minerals, known to improve skin health.

These skin-loving nutrients replenish tired & dry skin and visibly brighten skin for a radiant, healthier, more youthful appearance.

infused with prickly pear extract

our unique liposome technology

let’s get underneath it all

With our fermented napa cabbage, we developed our signature vegan probiotics in a lab using liposome technology, a process that delivers our skincare products deep below the skin’s surface for maximum efficacy.

Liposomes are microscopic-sized bubbles (aka molecules) that carry the vegan probiotics into the deeper layers of the skin and gradually dissolve from the outside in. Once the bubbles arrive to the innermost layer, they will release the vegan probiotics so they can get to work.

The result? More effective absorption for healthy, glowing skin!

why vegan?

Clean, effective skincare for all

We believe it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts, and we’re committed to helping you reach your best. skin. ever. Vegan probiotics are created without animal-based ingredients or by-products and are safe and effective for all skin types.

Our clean formulas are dermatologist-tested and packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin deep down and regenerate a healthy skin barrier, plus antioxidants to protect from environmental stressors.

What you put on your skin truly affects your skin’s health, so why not vegan?

nasties are no-nos.
we banned 2100+
harmful ingredients (& counting)!

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You were born to glow.

healthy skin glows deep.

We’re reinventing skincare standards, one clean product at a time. Our journey has just begun & we’ll never stop until you reach your glowoasis.

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