the no-no list

When we created glowoasis, we banned 1640+ EU regulated ingredients, plus an additional 460 questionable ingredients. We call this the no-no list.

If any ingredient that falls into any of the below categories, it stays out of our certified-vegan formulas.

  • Animal-derived / animal-by ingredients

    • Ethanolamines (TEA, DEA)

    May cause allergic reactions, including eye problems, dry hair & skin.

    • Formaldehyde / Formaldehyde Releasers / Formaldehyde donor preservatives - preservative

    Known to be skin irritant & to cause allergic reactions, toxic after long-term exposure.

    • Nonylphenol & Nonylphenol Ethoxylates - emulsifier

    Known to be skin and eye irritant.

    • Parabens - preservative

    Easily penetrates skin & affects the hormone system.

    • Phenoxyethanol - preservative/solvent

    Known to be skin & eye irritant.

    • Phthalates - plasticizer

    Enhances cosmetic texture, but may be toxic/cause cancer.

    • Synthetic colors

    May cause allergic reactions, skin sensitization, and/or eye irritation.

    • Synthetic sulfates (SLS, SLES)

    Known to be skin irritant & to strip natural oil from skin

    • Triclosan / Triclocarban / Benzalkonium Chloride - antibacterial preservative

    May affect the hormone system, irritate skin & cause environmental pollution.

    • Toluene - solvent

    Toxic chemical, it can result in headaches, dizziness and cracked skin.

    We review & update our no-no list regularly to ensure we're choosing the best ingredients for your skin health.